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Are You Ready for the Perfect Summer Glow??

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Fine Lines and Wrinkles: You’ve tried countless creams, but they barely make a difference.

Loss of Firmness: Basic facials just don’t seem to lift and firm like you hoped.

Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots: Traditional treatments can irritate your skin and leave you with uneven results.

Dryness and Dehydration: Moisturizers only provide temporary relief, and your skin still feels dull and parched.


Summer Skin Revision Program!

Our Summer Skin Revision Program is a 12 week program completely customized to your skin concerns. Your personalized program consists of 6 facial treatments that are booked 7-10 days apart for consistency. Consistency is key to getting fast results!

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Customization and Benefits

Our unique treatments are designed to tighten facial muscles, promote youthful skin, and enhance facial contours with no downtime, ensuring you look your best all summer long.

Light to Medium-Depth Chemical Peels: Refresh your skin’s surface and stimulate cell renewal with no downtime.
Gua Sha and Buccal Massages: Enhance circulation, reduce puffiness, and sculpt facial muscles.
Microcurrent Facials: Boost collagen production and tighten the skin.
LED Light Therapy: Promote cellular renewal and reduce signs of aging.

Real Women, Real Results

here's how we'll do it


Book Your Skin Revision Facial

Schedule your Skin Revision Facial and Coaching session for $179. Your $179 is redeemable towards your Skin Revision program.

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During your first visit we will analyze your skin, discuss goals, create your custom treatment plan and perform your Skin Revision facial. We will then schedule your remaining 5 sessions 7-10 days apart to make sure you stay on track.

Start your Skin Journey



Begin Your Transformation

Start your personalized treatment plan! Each facial treatment is customized to your skin goals using our advanced holistic techniques for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Facial Treatment

Take Action Now: Limited-Time Offer


Enroll Now and Transform Your Skin !

Our 12-week program is structured to provide continuous and cumulative benefits through six expertly tailored sessions. 


6 Revision Facials

75 minute sessions


  • 6 x 75-minute treatment sessions

  • Free Skin Coaching Session​

  • Youth Elixer Serum

  • Payment Plans Available

OR CALL 858-333-6555


"Apotheke is my favorite place for so many reasons – Erica is the best, always making me feel so comfortable and at home. Her new salon space is beautiful and the products / tools she uses are all natural but actually WORK so well. I have been going to her for Rezenerate Nano facials for years (it's like microneedling but way better) and my skin tone and texture has transformed."

Shari C., 45

“I’ve always struggled with dull, tired-looking skin. After completing the program, my complexion has never looked better. The holistic approach and personalized care made all the difference. I feel confident and beautiful in my skin!”

Sarah, 43

“The combination of treatments worked wonders for my skin. My face looks and feels firmer, and the fine lines around my eyes have significantly reduced. I’m thrilled with the results!”

Lynn, 37

You've Got Questions?


  • Where are you located?
    Inside Talk of The Town Salon Suites 27485 Ynez Rd, Suite 6 Temecula, CA 92591
  • How much is the Skin Revision Facial?
    The Skin Revision Facial is $179. $179 is redeemable towards your Skin Revision Program. Not ready to sign up? Just pay $179 for your Skin Revision Facial.
  • How often should I schedule my sessions for best results?
    Clients complete a series of 6 sessions booked 7-10 days apart. After completing, They come in monthly to maintain. I also recommend yoga exercises and face tapping to do at home if fines lines or wrinkles is a concern.
  • How long does the treatment take?
    The facial treatments are 75 minutes. The Skin Coaching sessions are 30 minutes.
  • Are there any side effects or downtime?
    It's common to feel deeply relaxed after a session, but your facial muscles might feel a little fatigued. Depending on your level of tension going into the treatment, your face or jaw may feel sore, achy, or tender.
  • Can I still recieve the facial treatments with botox or fillers?
    Yes, but you must wait atleast 2 weeks after cosmetic injections or procedures to start the program.
  • Who should not receive this facial treatment?
    My facial treatments are safe for most people. However, the following clients may need to postpone the treatment: People who had Botox or fillers in the previous two weeks People with skin infections, eczema, or psoriasis People with active breakouts or cystic acne. People who are contraindicative for electrical devices such as microcurrent. If you have questions please call 858-333-6555
  • What is a Sculpting Buccal massage?
    Sculptural Face Lifting is a non-invasive manipulation of the face and neck based on a thorough knowledge of the anatomical structure of the face and the biomechanics of facial aging. This treament is a holistic alternative to botox, fillers, cosmetic surgeries and other invasive methods used to reverse the signs of aging. Sculptural Face Lifting consists of precise, therapeutic soft tissue techniques, including lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, and buccal/intraoral massage, to sculpt and tone the face. The result is a healthier, toned and more youthful appearance. In addition to tightening and strengthening the face, this procedure is deeply relaxing and helps to regulate the nervous system, removing stuck emotions held in the face and body.
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meet your skin's new

best friend

I'm Erica

As the founder and owner, my passion for skincare led me to create a safe haven where women could receive natural and results-driven facial treatments without compromising their health.

During my pregnancy and postpartum journey, I was determined to maintain my skin's health and pursue my goals of aging gracefully without resorting to toxic ingredients or harmful procedures. This quest led me to delve into non-invasive and natural alternatives to Botox and cosmetic surgery. Through my research, I discovered the incredible benefits of facial massage.

I found that techniques such as microcurrent therapy, gua sha face sculpting, lymph drainage facial massage, and LED treatments not only helped me maintain a youthful glow but also significantly improved my long-term skin health. This personal journey inspired me to create a space where others could experience these transformative benefits in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Topless Woman

Will We See You There?

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Are you ready to take the next step to get the youthful skin you've desired?

xoxo erica

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