"You are one facial away from a good mood."

the Renewal


If you are not quite ready for botox and/or are looking for a natural alternative for anti-aging treatments The Renewal is the perfect facial for you. Custom exfoliation and two of the industry's latest advanced tools are combined to target your skin concerns. Apotheke's signature collagen boosting red LED light therapy and a skin cocktail of brightening and firming serums will restore your skin's youthfulness and glow. Expect appearance of reduced fine lines and make up free skin all with no downtime. 

Modalities : Microcurrent, Rezenerate Nano, Chemical Peel, Oxygen Infusion, Microdermabrasion

$155/60 minutes

$125/Self Care Club   Learn More


- improved fine lines and wrinkles

- smoother skin texture and brighter skin tone

- reduced scarring 

- fading of hyperpigmentation 

- reduction in redness 

- firmer and lifted skin

the Quick Fix


For those on the go and/or looking for targeted results, the Quick Fix is just what you need. This treatment is a condensed version of the Renewal utilizing Lira Clinical's Vita Brite peel for a brightened complexion. Choose one advanced modality, Microdermabrasion, Rezenerate, or Microcurrent to achieve in-depth personalized results in just 30 minutes. 

Modalities : Microcurrent, Rezenerate Nano, Microdermabrasion

$115/30 minutes   View Series Pricing.


- quick treatment

- improved fine lines and wrinkles

- smoother skin texture and brighter skin tone

- reduced scarring 

- fading of hyperpigmentation 

- firmer and lifted skin

the Refresher


New to skincare? Or just looking for a skin pick me up? Uplift your complexion with the Refresher facial. Gentle enough for all skin types, Sorella Apothecary fruit enzymes and masks are used to provide nourishment and bring balance back to the skin. Collagen boosting LED lights and botanical serums with hydrating and skin loving nutrients calm and bring out your skin's inner glow. 

Modalities : Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber, High Frequency, LED light, Oxygen Infusion

$125/50 minutes


- For all skin types

- brighter and more hydrated complexion

- deep cleansing

- calming

Herbal Balance


Lift, firm, and create balance for your skin using artisan CBD skincare line, Code of Harmony, and the power of Microcurrent. This treatment starts off with a massaging cleanse to enhance skin reviving plant oils and prepare facial muscles for the ultimate workout. Centella asiatica, CoQ10, and Hylauronic Acid are infused into the skin with a low level electrical current to energize and stimulate facial muscles. Results are chilled out vibes and lifted, calm, and hydrated skin.  Learn more about CBD benefits. 

Modalities :  Microcurrent, LED light

$145/60 minutes

$135/Self Care Club   Learn More


- Hydrates, plumps, softens dry skin

- Cools, calms & soothes skin stress

- Evens skin tone, visibly improves redness

- Restores youthful firmness and lifts

- Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean skincare


Eye Lift Microcurrent Mask $35

Anti-Aging Hand Ritual with LED $25

Décolleté Green Power Peel $45

Moisturizing Foot Treatment  $15 

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