"You are one facial away from a good mood."

The Apotheke method incorporates a custom-tailored approach to address your skin’s specific needs. All facial treatments incorporate Oxygen Infusion, Extractions and High-Frequency when needed. My facial treatments utilize clinical grade, therapeutic ingredients, and advanced modalities coupled with a healing touch. 

the Workout

Known as the “non-invasive facelift”, microcurrent has been sought after for its lifting, firming and contouring benefits. This skin loving workout starts with a Red light LED warm up to prepare facial muscles for lifting and toning. Small electrical current painlessly works with the body’s natural systems to re-energize the facial skin and muscles from a cellular level. To take your workout a step further, I've paired this treatment with a Collagen lifting mask and potent stem cell infused activator to dramatically lift, tighten, and define facial contours, while brightening skin for an immediate glow. 


Instant lifting is apparent in just one treatment making this facial a must prior to a special occasion or red carpet event just as the Hollywood faces do. Microcurrent facial toning benefits are cumulative as you regain muscle memory. Maximum benefit is achieved with weekly series sessions (Series pricing available). 



- Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

- Lift of jowls and eyebrows.

- Smoother, firmer skin

- Brighter, youthful-looking glow


- Electrical implant devices such as a pacemaker.

- Epilepsy; history of seizures.

- Active Cancer

- Pregnancy

- Heart conditions

- Diabetes

- Recent facial surgery

the Apotheke Experience

A custom hydro dermabrasion, a vacuum assisted suction treatment combined with a therapeutic infusion of serums, painlessly removes pore buildup while effectively exfoliating the skin’s surface. Combined with enzyme therapy, your skin is left purified, extracted and polished. Skin is replenished with a custom O2 infusion and hydro jelly alginate mask. Zone out while enjoying my signature hot stone massage. Your skin will thank you after it's left glowing and deeply hydrated. Amplify skin results by adding on a Microcurrent Lift ($55).



- Improved fine lines 

- Smoother skin texture and brighter skin tone

- Reduction in pore size

- Hydration


- Rosacea

- Autoimmune disease.

- Grade 4 acne

- Cancer- clients must be in remission for at least 6 months


the Revival

Renew and revitalize with age-reversing peptides, stem cells, and powerful growth factors infused into the skin with REZENERATE nano-technology. This treatment is known as the non-invasive version of micro-needling. Paired with enzyme therapy, red LED light, oxygen infusion and a cryo facial massage this treatment is the ultimate skin revival.

*A series of only four to six Rezenerate Facials™ over a period of two to three months is recommended to achieve the maximum results and benefits. Series pricing is available.



- Smooths texture and pore size

- Brightening skin tone

- Diminishes fine lines especially around the eyes

- Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin

- No downtime


- Nursing or pregnant women

- Undiagnosed lesions or skin infections

- Recent herpes outbreaks

- Some cases of Rosacea

- Psoriasis

- Diabetes and other auto-immune system disorders

the O2

Detox and infuse your skin with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to bring back that healthy glow. Custom exfoliation, such as a peel, microderm, or dermafile, will prepare your skin for powerful antioxidants to help increase it's ability to defend, repair and recover from daily stress. Healing red light therapy, light extractions (if needed) and facial massage will have your skin cells energized and ready to take on the world.



- Maintains skin firmness and elasticity
- Restores balance to skin
- Clarifies skin for an even skin complexion
- Restores vitality to skin
- Softens and improves fine lines and wrinkles

- Great for sensitive skin


Anti-Aging Hand Ritual  $25

Décolleté Brighten + Tighten Peel $45

Moisturizing Foot Treatment  $25


Apotheke uses Lira Clinical peels for the most corrective and targetive results. All of Lira Clinical's peels are infused with botanicals, minerals, and plant stem cells for the most repairing and nourishing chemical peel treatments. A series of peel treatments is recommended for long term results. 

Green Power Peel

A unique natural herbal exfoliator that stimulates skin to even out tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars, and texture. This mechanical exfoliator is often referred to as botanical microneedling and can be customized to reach your desired skin depth. I will blend the Green Power herb with a peel solution targeting  your skin concerns and peel experience. Prickling sensation when skin is touched can be felt for up to 24 hours. Expect light to deep peeling skin depending on peel depth for 3-7 days.

$155/30-45 minutes

Crafted Peel Cocktail- My Specialty!

A one of a kind peel cocktail to accomplish your skin goals. I will blend, layer, or apply custom peels to targeted areas of your skin to get the best results. Every peel is sealed with Lira's Mineral Retinol Solution to target lines and wrinkles, photo-damage, pigmentation, acne, and premature aging. For experienced peeling and prepped clientele. Expect flaking to light peeling skin for 3-7 days. 

$155/30 minutes