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Features: - 64 DSPs, each with its own programmable ADSR envelope generator. - +48 voltage-controlled analog oscillators - 24 independent LFOs (with pitch bend and modulation depth) - Buffered analog filters: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, resonant. Bandwidth from 1 Hz to 600 Hz. - Buffered analog effects: resonant lowpass, resonant highpass, phase shifter, chorus. - Supports audio and analog outputs. - Supports MIDI input - Dual VCF+monophonic LFO - Multimode arpeggiator - Flanger, Phaser, Ringmodulator, Chorus, Flanger (gate mode), Phaser (swing mode), Ringmodulator (swing mode) - Memory up to 2000 steps of polyphony (1000 notes at 192 BPM). ReFX is the perfect tool for making authentic and musical electronic music. It is an extremely powerful multi-effect software synthesizer. - VST, AU and AAX formats. - 64 DSPs each with its own ADSR envelope generator. - +48 voltage-controlled analog oscillators. Automatic Tuning - Buffered




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Refx Vanguard 18 Serial Number 22 garile

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