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Reveal Your 
Youthful Glow

Unlocking Timeless Beauty Through Gentle Transformation 

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Introducing Radiant Renewal: Your Path to Timeless Skin Transformation 

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing dull, uneven skin staring back at you? Do hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines make you feel less confident in your own skin? It's time to embrace a new chapter in your skincare journey with our revolutionary Skin Wellness Program – Radiant Renewal!

Reignite Your Natural Radiance, Effortlessly

At Apotheke, we understand that life doesn't pause for skincare treatments. That's why we've designed Radiant Renewal, a game-changing no downtime chemical peel program specifically curated for individuals like you – dynamic, busy, and unwilling to compromise on radiant skin.

Why Radiant Renewal?

  • Rediscover Your Glow: Say goodbye to tired-looking skin and say hello to a renewed radiance that emanates from within. Radiant Renewal targets the core issues of dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines, revealing a luminosity that'll turn heads.

  • Gentle, Yet Remarkable: Wave farewell to intense chemical peels that force you to take a break from life. Radiant Renewal is meticulously created to deliver stunning results without the inconvenience of extended recovery periods. Complete the program and seamlessly carry on with your daily routine.

  • Tailored to Your Uniqueness: We understand that your skin is as unique as you are. Radiant Renewal is personalized to address your specific concerns, ensuring a journey that's as individual as you are.

What Awaits You:
Here's How the Program Works

1. Book Your Advanced Consultation and Facial

We perform a skin analysis for your perfect treatment plan and prescribed homecare. We will also capture your "Before" pictures and perform your first facial treatment. 

2. Bi-Weekly Treatments

You will need to attend 4 chemical peel treatments performed every other week. These appointments are 30-45 minutes long.

4. Radiant for Life

The results of Radiant Renewal extend beyond the program duration. Experience a long-lasting transformation that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful, every single day.

Join Radiant Renewal Today!


Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey that promises radiant, revitalized skin without the downtime? Your skin deserves the best, and Radiant Renewal delivers just that – unparalleled results, personalized attention, and the freedom to embrace life without interruption.

Don't let dullness and imperfections define you any longer. Embrace the power of Radiant Renewal and greet a more youthful, luminous version of yourself.

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What You Will Receive

  • Skin Care Consultation and Analysis that targets your key concerns

  • 2 - 60 minute Apotheke Experience Facials

  • 4 Customized Chemical Peel Treatments

  • Green Envee Skin Fix Product Kit ($71 value)

  • 10 LED Light Therapy Sessions ($350 Value)


Program Price: $1365

Payment in full is due at first visit. Program must be completed within 90 days of initial treatment. 



Embrace Radiant Renewal. Embrace You.

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