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Why Your Summer Skin Prep Should Start in Spring.

March 20, 2019

With the constantly flip-flopping weather (please no more rain!) and chilly temps, March hasn’t exactly been doing a great job of ushering in spring. Be assured, however, that warmer days are coming. Here are 4 tips you can incorporate into your routine now for skin that’s summer solstice ready!

Refill Your Water Bottle

Did your winter feature more mocha lattes with whip than water? It’s easy to fall into bad hydration habits when cold dreary weather has us reaching for warm, caffeinated drinks over a cool glass of water, which is why it’s all the more important to get yourself used to drinking your 8 glasses a day as soon as possible for healthy, clear skin.


Switch Up Your Products

While we’re eager to put away our heavy jackets for the year and bring out the sundresses, many people forget to do with their skin care products.

If you’re using a heavy cream moisturizer, you may want to switch to a lighter one. I like to layer Lira Clinical's Hydra C with iLuminating Beauty Oil for normal/combo skin types. For oily/acneic skin, Lira Clinical's Balancing lotion.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Exfoliation should be a regular part of your routine in any season to help reveal smoother, more glowing skin, but remember not to go too crazy; the goal is to remove the dead layer of skin that is already ready to come off.

If you’ve been neglecting shaving or waxing over the winter, this is also a handy way to slough dead skin off your legs, but don’t forget to apply an after-wax product that contains glycolic and salicylic acid if you’re prone to ingrown hairs. PFB and Deck Scrub are perfect examples!


Check Expiration Dates
It’s a good idea to remember to do this at least twice a year—and what better time than spring? Makeup and skin care products do expire, and if you keep using it, you risk break-outs and bacterial infections. Mascara should be tossed after three months, liquid liner and concealer after six months, and lipstick, lip gloss, and foundation after one year. You should also check your moisturizer and sunscreen for an expiration date. If anything is expired, or you’re in doubt, throw it out!



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