"You are one facial away from a good mood."

I specialize in anti-aging skin therapies to correct and maintain a more healthy youthful glow. Everyone’s skin is unique therefore I do not follow “protocol specific” facials. My treatments are crafted using a custom blend of natural and results driven ingredients combined with the latest skin care tools and techniques. 


First Visit

During your first visit with me we'll take 15 minutes before your facial to chat about your lifestyle, skin care routine, and skin concerns. Together we'll come up with your ideal skincare regime and a treatment plan to accomplish your skin goals. Please book “First Visit Facial” when reserving a time.

Custom Blend Facial

Includes essential oil inhalation, a gentle, deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, brief extractions** (if needed), restorative masque, corrective serums, and cooling jade or ice globe therapy. 

Great for first facial, men’s facial, pregnancy or sensitive skin, all skin types/conditions

$125/50 min.

$155/80 min. with LED light therapy 

Custom Blend + Boost

A favorite here at Apotheke! This signature treatment includes everything that is in a Custom Blend but with an added BOOST of exfoliation. Depending on your skin’s condition microdermabrasion or a Lira Clinical peel will be chosen for a results driven treatment.

Great for maintenance, oily, anti-aging, dull, dry.

$140/50 min.


$175/80 min. with LED light therapy


Rezenerate Infusion

Beauty meets technology! The Rezenerate wand creates micro-pathways within the skin (similar to microneedling) and infuses plumping hydration and corrective peptide serums deep within its layers for the absolute best non-invasive results in the industry. Includes essential oil inhalation, gentle cleansing, custom exfoliation, Rezenerate treatment, chilled sheet or hydra-jelly masque with cooling acupressure therapy. A great choice for someone who wants a truly corrective treatment without any downtime.  

Great to correct fine lines, blemishes, malnourished skin, sun spots and age spots, oily or dry skin and uneven skin tone and texture. 

$155/50 min


$190/80 min. with LED light therapy 

Detox Renewal - My Seasonal Fix

Smooth, brighten and protect skin with this powerfully corrective detoxifying treatment. Guard against environmental damage with botanical antioxidants and powerful probiotic technology. Release impurities, detox, and exfoliate with charcoal and pumpkin enzymes. Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with potent peptides and natural anti-aging ingredients. Calm skin and kill acne bacteria with LED light therapy.

$135/60 min

Sweet Leaf - Code of Harmony

Coming Soon!!


Glow and Go

Take 30 minutes for yourself and walk out with rejuvenated skin. Includes essential oil inhalation, deep cleanse, a customized fruit peel, chilled sheet masque, and a jade rolling massage to calm and soothe the skin. Finishes with a cocktail of brightening and corrective serums. BB Tint can be applied for light coverage and sun protection if you are heading back to the office or straight to happy hour.

Great for anti-aging, brightening, lightening acne scars. 

$100/30 minutes

Green Power Peel

A unique natural herbal exfoliator that stimulates skin to even out tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars, and texture. This mechanical exfoliator can be customized to reach your desired skin depth. I will blend the Green Power peel with a peel solution targeted towards your skin concerns and peel experience. Prickling sensation when skin is touched can be felt for up to 24 hours.

$155/30-45 minutes

Crafted Peel Cocktail- My Specialty!

A one of a kind peel cocktail to accomplish your skin goals. I will blend, layer, or apply different peels to targeted areas of your skin to get the best results. Every peel is sealed with Lira's Mineral Retinol Solution to target lines and wrinkles, photo-damage, pigmentation, acne, and premature aging. For experienced peeling and prepped clientele.

$165/45 minutes


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