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Monthly Experience



Experience the optimal benefits and results that come from regular facials, as well as from taking a moment of self-care each month to relax and restore your wellbeing. Our monthly wellness subscription includes our signature customized whole plant facial, The Apotheke Experience, and access to personalized homecare.

Happiness is a habit. So is your skincare.

Relaxing Facial

Relax & Restore

The Apotheke Experience membership is a monthly wellness subscription that includes a bespoke session where you can enjoy a fully customized whole plant facial, along with an in-depth consultation about your skin and general wellbeing.

Experience the optimal benefits that come from regular facials, as well as from taking a moment to yourself each month to relax and restore. 


Monthly subscribers also receive an aromatherapy eye pillow - so you can begin your own mindful self care ritual at home.


Your Monthly Experience

The Monthly Apotheke Experience is your own bespoke appointment - specially designed to help you integrate a nourishing wellness and natural beauty ritual into your daily routine - and reveal your most radiant self.

Monthly subscribers receive

  • the Apotheke Experience Facial

  • Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

  • 2 facial enhancements (up to a $50 savings) a month

  • 10% off select retail products

so you can begin your own wellness ritual at home and maintain results in between treatments. A minimum commitment of 3 months is required to become a member. No sign up fee.

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