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Welcome to Apotheke Skin Studio, a spa with locations in San Diego and Temecula dedicated to providing non-invasive beauty treatments for optimal, long-term skin health. As the founder and owner, Erica's passion for skincare led her to create a safe haven where women could receive natural and holistic treatments without compromising their health.

During her pregnancy and postpartum, Erica wanted to maintain her skin's health and anti-aging goals without using toxic ingredients that could harm her baby. She began to research non-invasive and natural alternatives to botox and cosmetic surgery, which led her to discover the benefits of holistic facials. She found that the microcurrent facial, gua sha buccal facial, facial massage for sculpting, and LED light therapy not only helped her look young but also improved her long-term skin health.

Erica's experiences as a working mom inspired her to create a space where women could prioritize their self-care journey as a necessity rather than a luxury. At Apotheke Skin Studio, we believe that self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s essential to achieving healthy and radiant skin and overall wellness.


Apart from her passion for skin wellness, Erica enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time at the beach with her family. We invite you to join us at Apotheke Skin Studio and experience the transformative power of natural and holistic skincare.

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Discover youthful skin with holistic techniques:

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Apotheke assists in achieving ideal, enduring outcomes through the utilization of microcurrent facials, gua sha buccal facials, facial sculpting massage, lymphatic drainage facials and LED light therapy that not only enhance your youthful appearance but also enhance the long-term health of your skin.

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