LED Light Therapy

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I have been using LED light in my skincare treatments for a few years now with a handheld device (My Skin Buddy) but the results are fair compared to the Celluma Pro LED. My esthetician (yes, even I see an esthetician) has been using hers on me and I look forward to it every time! The hypnotizing lights relax me putting me to sleep and when I'm all done my skin is tight and glowing. I am finally able to share this amazing treatment with you.

Read On for the nerdy science stuff behind the light. Scroll Down for benefits and treatment options.

Light energy is emitted from a flexible and shape-taking light array panel, absorbed at the surface of the skin to re-establish normal cellular health and function. Celluma's patented delivery system emits three specific wavelengths of modulated light controlled by proprietary software algorithms.

The benefits of using three different wavelengths is that light absorbing molecules use the various wavelengths as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. For example the various wavelengths and the red, blue and infrared lights reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and some kill bacteria, while others enhance localized circulation.

Patented, pulsed-wave technology controlled by proprietary software algorithms add to the applicability of the Celluma. It is a polychromatic device that delivers blue (465nm), red (640) and infrared (880) light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions easily and affordably.