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Winter Proof Your Skincare

As the air becomes drier and the temperatures cool off, your skin can feel the effects. You might notice it becomes dry and patchy or even produces more oil in an attempt to hydrate itself. Listen to your skin, and cut it some slack; after all, it's your largest organ, which is pretty impressive, and it is trying to adjust the best it can! Be sure your home care can support the weather change this season, and don't get too caught up if you see a blemish or two along the way. Avoid switching your entire routine at once; we recommend the following products to start winter-proofing your skincare routine and boost hydration:

Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk: This cream cleanser will melt away makeup without leaving your skin feeling tight. Apricot oil, vitamin C, and mango extra will nourish your skin while giving it a deep clean at days end.

Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum: This gem is bound to be your skins' new best friend. The hydrating snow mushroom extract paired with anti-inflammatory niacinamide will be sure to keep your skin velvety smooth. Layer it underneath The Balm, and you have the perfect hydration duo.

The Balm: It's all in the name- this luxe moisturizer will occlude your skin in drier weather thanks to beeswax while softening fine lines and wrinkles with Argireline, a healthy-aging peptide. Rehab Recovery Mask: This soothing cream mask is excellent for all skin types and will completely restore dry, irritated skin. Shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil will soothe your skin. Use as a traditional mask or leave on overnight as a sleeping mask to wake up glowing and refreshed.

Winter skin lifestyle tips: Your skincare routine is a perfect place to start preparing for winter dryness, but your environment and lifestyle is another facet to consider. While many of us love a hot, steamy shower, the heat can cause your skin to dry out. Avoid pointing the heater in your car right at your face or even using a hot blow dryer near your skin as that can cause extra moisture to escape. Another thing to consider is applying your moisturizer well before going out in air below 30 degrees when you know you know. We're talking to those heavy winter states experiencing extreme temperatures or anyone who loves to hit the snowy slopes. SPF is a MUST when skiing since the UV rays are reflected off of the snow! Most products contain some water; allow your products time to absorb to avoid turning into a human icicle, body products too people!


The transition between seasons is a great time to ask me on adjusting your homecare and how we can reset your treatment plan.

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