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Elevate Your

"Lift and Sculpt: with our Transformative Facial Rejuvenation Program."


Discover a Natural Way to Unwind and Transform Your Skin

Embark on a journey towards revitalized and rejuvenated skin with our exclusive Facial Rejuvenation Program. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, our innovative approach combines the grace of Buccal Facial Massage with the transformative Fix Method (a lifting and sculpting facial massage). Immerse yourself in the allure of non-invasive corrective methods and embrace a facial massage experience that transcends the surface and releases tension and lymphatic flow.

Elevate Your Natural Radiance

At Apotheke, we believe in harnessing the body's innate abilities to restore and renew. The Fix Method is a gentle yet powerful massage that activates the lymphatic system, guiding toxins towards elimination. This non-invasive technique is designed to lift and sculpt the face, neck, and décolletage, providing a prolonged lift without the risks associated with devices or procedures.

Experience the Benefits

  • Non-Invasive Beauty: Say goodbye to the risks and complications associated with invasive cosmetic procedures. Our program focuses on natural methods for skin rejuvenation, ensuring a gentle and safe experience.

  • Muscle Harmony: Experience the deep relaxation and toning of facial muscles. Our Facial Rejuvenation Program helps restore facial posture by balancing the three horizontal lines—trichion, glabella, and menton—while aiding in muscle repair and recovery.

  • Visible Transformation: Watch fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven textures fade away as you retain control over your facial expressions. The anti-stress effects of our program contribute to a holistic sense of well-being.

  • Passive Fitness: Engage in breathwork that initiates metabolic processes not only in the skin but throughout the entire body. This stimulates lymphatic circulation and enhances detoxification, promoting overall health.

  • Improves Skin Quality: Our program addresses age-related structural changes, tissue alterations, and spasmed muscles in the neck and face. Experience a renewed glow and improved facial posture with each session.

  • TMJ Relief: Alleviate tightness in the jaw and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) through intra-oral manipulation and Buccal Massage. Our holistic approach extends beyond the surface to bring you complete relaxation.

 Here's How the Program Works

  1. Book Your Advance Consultation and Facial: Start with a thorough skin analysis, creating your perfect treatment plan and prescribed homecare. Capture your "Before" pictures and experience your first revitalizing facial treatment.

  2. Weekly or Bi-weekly Treatments are recommended to gain the best results. Consistency is what gets you the results you desire, especially when you are retraining your facial muscles. Think of it as a new gym routine for your skin! These mini sessions will include a cleanse, light exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, Fix Method massage, and LED. The 5 mini sessions are 45 minutes.

  3. Monthly Maintenance will be required to maintain your skin's results.

What You Will Receive

  • Skin Care Consultation and Analysis that targets your key concerns

  • 5 mini Lift and Sculpt massage sessions

  • Green Envee Skin Fix Product Kit ($71 value)

  • 6 LED Light Therapy Sessions ($210 Value)


 Program Price: $779

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