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body sugaring, San Diego


When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair on your body, shaving and waxing are probably the first two treatments that come to mind. But there is another possibility that's a way sweeter deal — literally.


Sugaring is a hair removal method that has been practiced for centuries throughout Northern Africa, Greece and the Middle East. A paste made from sugar, lemon, and water is used to remove unwanted hair from the roots. It is by far one of the most gentle all natural techniques that lasts longer than traditional waxing.

Sugaring can be performed on all body parts and on all types of hair.

Unlike wax sugar does not stick to live skin cells. The compound conditions the skin, leaving it in better shape after your treatment than before. Typically with sugar, redness and irritation have a shorter life span than with waxing.

The results last longer. Since sugar seeps into the follicle instead of just sitting on top of the skin like wax does, it can remove short, deeply rooted, or fine hairs which means the hair won't grow back as quickly.

While results last longer, oddly enough, you can visit more frequently if you choose. Interesting right?  I only need about a week or so of growth in order to sugar. Excellent news for those of you who can't stand the grow out or want to focus on permanent hair reduction at a faster rate.

If you're curious about the details, I can fill you in before or during your service.

Post-sugaring is easy….live your life normally!


So why Sugar? Sugaring is a superior method of hair removal for women and men.


Join the revolution…get sugared!


Do you offer brazilians for men?

I am trained to provide brazilian and bikini sugaring services for women. However, I do offer all other sugaring services for men and I can refer you to a nearby esthetician that is specialized in men's brazilian sugaring.

What are the benefits of sugaring?

All natural ingredients, water soluble, lukewarm never hot, exfoliates the skin, bacteria resistant, minimal discomfort and irritation, removes hair from the follicle, does not cause in-grown hairs, safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), hygienic, and lasts longer leading to permanent reduction of hair growth.


How long does my hair need to be to get sugared?

For best results, it is recommended that hair is at least 1/4” long.  This would be about 14 days since your last shave or 1 month since your last sugaring or waxing session.


How do I prepare for my sugaring session?

Arrive with clean, dry skin (no shower or working out right before), avoid lotions or oils the day of your service. I recommend exfoliating your skin regularly, but NOT the day before or the day of your appointment. If possible, refrain from consuming caffeine 3-4 hours prior to your appointment. 

Can I be sugared if I have tattoos?

Yes! Sugaring can actually help brighten tattoos.


If I use Acutane, Rentin-A, or other retinoid creams is it safe to get sugared?

It is not recommended for face sugaring unless it has been at least six months since using Acutane and 5 days for retinol or retinoid creams.


Brazilian | 68

Extended Bikini | 60 

Bikini | 50

Underarms | 35

Lower Legs | 98

Back + Shoulders | 75


Brow Shaping | 40

Brow + Tint | 67

Upper Lip | 25

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