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Reveal Your 

 Unveil Smoother, Firmer Skin in 60 Days with Our Skin Recharge Program

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microcurrent at apotheke skin studio in san diego

Discover the Beauty of
Non-Invasive Transformation

Are you ready to transform your skin and unveil a more radiant you? Whether you're gearing up for a wedding, a milestone celebration, or simply want to feel your best, our program is designed to make your skin radiate with confidence. We understand your desire for firmer, smoother skin, but the fear of invasive procedures or injections might be holding you back.

The Microcurrent Difference: Your Path to Natural Radiance

That's where our revolutionary Skin Recharge Program steps in – microcurrent is a non-invasive, safe, and highly effective solution to help you achieve your skin goals. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a complexion that reflects the beauty within, with a newfound firmness that turns back the clock on aging.

Microcurrent isn't just a passing trend – it's a proven technique that harnesses the power of low-level electrical currents to tighten and de-age the skin without the pain or cost of procedures like botox. Microcurrent may also promote a firmer, brighter, and more lifted skin. Our program is founded on this remarkable science, working harmoniously with your body's natural processes to create a visible, lasting transformation.

Experience the Benefits

  • Bouncier, firmer skin

  • Finer definition in the cheekbones

  • Lifting of the eyebrows

  • Erased aging signs

  • More defined jawline

  • Fewer wrinkles, especially in the forehead region

  • Less stress about painful procedures

  • Fast results with no recovery time

60 Days to Lasting Beauty: Here's How the Program Works

1. Book Your Consultation 

We perform a skin analysis for your perfect treatment plan and prescribed homecare. You will need to commit to using only the prescribed skincare products so that we can guarantee your results.

2. Before/After Photos and First Facial Treatment

The first and last facial treatments in your plan are the longest appointments. We will customize a full 60 minute facial treatment, utilizing microcurrent, and take before/after photos.

3. Weekly Treatments

You will need to attend 10 treatments performed once or twice a week, for faster results. These shorter microcurrent treatments are 45 minutes long.

4. Your Last Facial Treatment

Yay! You made it. Relax with your last microcurrent facial of the program. Take your after photos to showcase your amazing results.

5. Radiate Confidence:

Unveil youthful skin through microcurrent transformation

Sand Dunes
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What You Will Receive

  • Skin Care Consultation and Analysis that targets your key concerns

  • 10 Ultimate Lift Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation Treatments (to be completed in 60 days)

  • Green Envee Skin Fix Product Kit ($71 value)

  • 10 LED Light Therapy Sessions ($350 Value)


Program Price: $1437

Payment in full is due at first visit. Program must be completed within 60 days of initial treatment. Monthly maintenance treatments are necessary for continued results.

Book a Consultation or Contact Us

Want to dive deeper into Microcurrent?

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