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Elevate Your Glow: Naturally.

Advanced Holistic Skincare and Sugaring in San Diego

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Reconnect With Yourself
Immerse in the Apotheke Experience

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In a world that often pressures women to pursue quick fixes, our haven stands apart. Say goodbye to the risks of downtime and potential harm to your skin's long-term health.


At Apotheke Skin Studio, we offer a transformative escape—a haven where our naturally advanced facials redefine beauty without compromise. Step into an experience where radiant, timeless beauty meets genuine well-being. Your journey to glowing, confident skin begins here.

Celebrating 8 YEARS as the only plant-based sugar and skin studio in Carmel Valley, San Diego

Erica does an amazing job! I have been getting sugared for years and gone to over 10 different people and Erica is the best I've ever been to. She is so skilled that the pain is minimal and she is always very thorough.

What They're Saying

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Discover the Apotheke difference

With Apotheke, you will receive personalized guidance, plant based skincare, and intuitive facial treatments that incorporate holistic techniques and facial massages that heal and restore. Experience the difference at Apotheke and embark on a journey that embraces the beauty of time and honors the long term health of your skin.

About Apotheke

Welcome to Apotheke Skin Studio, a spa in San Diego dedicated to providing holistic facial treatments for optimal, long-term skin health.

As the founder and owner, Erica's passion for skincare led her to create a safe haven where women could receive natural and results driven facial treatments without compromising their health.


During her pregnancy and postpartum, Erica wanted to maintain her skin's health and goals to age gracefully without using toxic ingredients or harmful procedures. She began to research non-invasive and natural alternatives to Botox and cosmetic surgery, which led her to discover the benefits of holistic facials. She found that microcurrent, gua sha face sculpting, lymph drainage facial massage, and LED treatments not only helped her maintain a youthful glow but also improved her long-term skin health.

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Clean Skin Care, Real Results

Shop our favorite clean beauty partners Blissoma, Green Envee Skincare, Suntegrity, and Apoterra Skincare.

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10951 Sorrento Valley Rd.

Suite 1-D

San Diego, Ca. 92121



Tuesdays 11:30-6:30

Wednesday 10-4:30

Thursday 11:30-6:30

Friday 10-3:00

Closed Saturday-Monday




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